Walking together to create the most beautiful road in all the world

Now is a fitting time to create a living memorial, a route of remembrance to mark both the losses of that war and also all the conflicts across the globe that have happened since 1914.

The war affected millions of families across the world, families in France, Belgium, Germany, England, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China, and beyond.

Seventeen million people lost their lives in the World War One
– that is 23 for every metre of the path.

Our Vision

The Western Front Way is a registered charity. Our vision is:

To create a permanent way marked path along the length
of The Western Front to serve as a new ‘via sacra’
to bear ‘silent witness’ to all those who have been
affected by conflicts across the globe.

Our new long distance walking path embodies our core values, and in all that we do
we aim to be
collaborative, inspirational, democratic and commemorative.

The charity has a small team committed to realising the vision and our focus over the next 18 months is to define, map and mark the route of the Western Front Way path by working closely in partnership with the French and Belgian authorities at national, regional and local level, as well as with charitable and remembrance organisations in the UK and in across Europe.

The path will be open to all and one of our goals is to provide educational resources, maps and guides to allow everyone to be able to enjoy walking ‘the most beautiful road in all the world’.

Realising the vision – what is happening next?

During 2016 and 2017 the Western Front Way team spent time researching and developing a route and ran two accompanied walks which explored some of the best and most interesting stages. We have now mapped the entire route and are building on the widespread support we have both in France and Belgium as well as in the UK and beyond.

To realise our vision we need your help – you can support the Western Front Way by making a donation or becoming a friend and supporter. We are seeking support from commercial and charitable organisations as well as individuals.

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