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Help us make the Western Front Way route a reality 

• A roundel waymarker showing the four flowers of commemoration for France, Germany, Belgium and The Commonwealth costs just £5 to sponsor and for £20 you can sponsor 5 markers

• These markers will be put up along the pathway for all to see for years to come.

• Your donation directly goes towards marking and making the vision complete.

• Perhaps sponsor one to remember a relative, or to honour someone from any nation from any war. As a collective, we can ensure the message of harmonious collaboration and peace is carried forward for the next centenary.

A path for peace, wellbeing and remembrance

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The biggest international commemorative project in the world

A global project used as a beacon for fundraising

1000km of waymarked pathway from the Belgian coast at Nieuwpoort to Pfetterhouse in the French Alps

 Over 70 communes and towns in France as partners

Belgium marked and open

Join us on a journey like no other, safeguarding the past by educating the future

Partnership with the CWGC is a huge honour. They have long guarded the flame of remembrance and let it’s light fall on all who visit  – from young minds to old soldiers. The Western Front Way is delivering a new long distance path for walkers and cyclists: putting action into the act of remembrance. Biking or striding along the front between the CWGC cemeteries gives an entirely new perspective: understanding the ground, the lines and the very routes walked by soldiers, many of whom now lie beneath. The WFW pathway is a trunk off which thousands of branches will grow. The CWGC sites make up a vast number of those branches so pilgrims in their thousands can reach these unforgettable places. Encounter these hallowed and unique places in your own time and on your own journey. 
Our role is to ensure commemoration remains current in the twenty first century and together we will do just that. 
CWGC & The Western Front Way 


Please share your experiences with the hashtags #WalkTheFront #MarkThePath and #WhyIWalky

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