Walking together to create the most beautiful road in all the world

As we approach the final days of the centenary of the end of the First World War now is the time to focus on what next ? How do we remember the conflict but more importantly celebrate the peace that followed. Our long distance walking path will do just that – bringing nations together to walk, reflect and connect.


Our Vision

The Western Front Way is a registered charity. Our vision is to create a new 1000km long distance walking path for peace and remembrance for all those affected by conflicts across the globe during the last 100 years. An international project delivered in partnership with countries around the world.

Realising the vision: what happens next?

By early 2019 we aim to have the first stage of our path from Arras to Ypres identified and marked ready for walkers. We are working closely with colleagues in France and Belgium in the individual villages, towns, communes and cities along the route. The first 100kms of our path for peace marks the beginning of our journey.


To realise our vision we need your help – you can support the Western Front Way by making a donation. We are seeking support from commercial and charitable organisations as well as individuals.

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