With Belgium now complete, we are delighted that plaques are being placed in villages, towns and on key sites along the entire route . These include The Somme, Albert, Poppy Country, Auchy-Les-Mines, Arras, Vimy Ridge, Peronne, Soissons, Suippes, Verdun, Senones and Pfetterhouse and more are going into place now. Below are some details of the stages of the route with the key locations marked the villages and towns along the entire route, and references to which IGN & NGI maps to use. It remains our intention to produce our own map in time, but do bear with us as to coordinate, gain permission and mark the eventual route does take time. The choice is yours, and of course, you can choose to cycle or even drive the route of The Western Front Way.

As you decide which paths or roads to follow from plaque to plaque do call in at the tourist office and ask them for advice and ideas. The Western Front Way is a shared endeavour with our colleagues, friends and fellow enthusiasts in France and Belgium. We have highlighted the overall route you can take by marking the villages with plaques, but the detail of how you get between them as you go North or South is over to you to explore, share and enjoy. We have worked hard to establish a suggested route, but the actual route you follow, and how you do it, is entirely up to you. We can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind you may suffer from using the suggested route.

All the routes are free to download and share as widely as you would like.  If you want more information do drop us a line at and we will try and help.

Track our progress

Overall illustrative route of the Western Front Way. This shows the 50 major centres where plaques will be erected and our progress.

Nieuwpoort to Albert 

Detailed walking and cycling map.

Albert to Compiègne

Follow our route through Poppy Country, snake through small villages and medieval towns, up to the ramparts at Laon and down towards Compiègne home of the Armistice carriage.

Compiègne to Verdun

A long and winding route through some of the most beautiful landscape of France, right through the heart of Champagne country to the woods of Verdun.

Verdun to Pfetterhouse

The final phase where the woodland path offers a glimpse of ‘cathedral light’ and the sharp climb of the Alps lies in contrast to the calmer, rolling slopes of the vineyards of Alsace. The route ends at Pfetterhouse.


Detailed step by step map for both walkers and cyclists.
Provided by Westtoer and Ypres Tourism

Cycle Route

On the 19th April Tom Heap, trustee and relation of Alexander Douglas Gillespie sets off on a 1920’s bicycle from south to north, tackling the 1000km to raise awareness, pay homage, and fundraise.

For more information about maps please use these useful links NGI maps for Belgium & ING maps for France

The Western Front Way welcomes all donations however small. Your generosity will help us to waymark the path in the coming months.

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