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The Western Front Way – London

The Western Front Way team took our passion for walking to the streets of London in early November on a route from the Great Western Railway memorial at Paddington Station via Hyde Park and the Norwegian Stone. We walked over 12 miles stopping at the Royal Artillery Memorial, the Australian and New Zealand memorials at Hyde Park Corner then on via Bomber Command, the Foch Memorial at Victoria across the river and through South London, and back over Tower Bridge, with a brief stop at the Maritime Memorial, then looping into the city and out along the Embankment, ending up at Westminster Abbey. The day closed with silent reflections at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and we were granted the great honour of laying our wreath at the Abbey.

We hope to make this London Via Sacra an annual event on the first weekend of November and all Friends of the Western Front Way are welcome to join us. Details of the 2018 London Walk will be posted later next year.

Le Figaro Article

The Western Front Way is a partnership project and we are delighted that Jean Paul Mulot, Hauts-de-France Permanent Representative to the UK, co-authored an article with Sir Anthony Seldon which appeared in Le Figaro 16/2/2018.

Reflections from the summer of 2017

I often think back to our tremendous walk in 2017, particularly at times when life is at its most frenetic: drifting back to a rolling field of golden wheat in Picardy is a welcome escape from the Jubilee Line squashed in with the commuters.

For the first few months after we returned, I could recall snapshots, highlights if you will – beautiful memories from the hallowed lands, punctuated by the challenges of long distance walking and by the enormity of the project that we have begun. These heightened moments of clarity such as The Sucrerie Cemetery in Colencamps in the black of night are merely the trailer, the feature length film is yet to come. Read More

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